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Opinion: A Big Reason So Many Americans Are Still Single.

"Second, plenty of other research tells us that when people are overwhelmed with choices, they respond by not choosing any of them. Dating sites give people the impression of having loads of options because there always seems to be another person to swipe on.

When people think they can easily find another romantic partner, they view the one they have less positively, are less committed to them and are more likely to break up with them. This can help explain why the women I interviewed for my book kept complaining that the men they matched with treated them so terribly. These days, practices like ghosting and 'situationships' are a common part of the dating landscape...

Dating apps aren’t as smart as their creators may claim. Algorithms simply can’t set up soulmates — and even if they could, app makers wouldn’t have an incentive to match too many of them (they’d stand to lose users). But they’ve engineered the impression that it’s easy to find partners, which makes people less likely to end up in relationships. This means users looking for love need to first make a different commitment: carefully filter through loads of profiles."

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