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Understanding Alcohol Dementia

Alcohol-related dementia, also referred to as alcohol dementia, is a unique type of cognitive impairment that develops out of persistent and extensive consumption of alcohol.

While Alzheimer's and other types of dementia are known to all of us, this particular issue is often overlooked and passed off due to its recreational usage in current societies.

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What are the Signs of Alcohol Dementia?

Timely recognition of the alcoholic dementia symptoms can be difficult, as their signs usually overlap with those of other types of dementia. However, few particular signs are commonly found in alcoholic dementia.

These signs consist of severe memory loss, problem-solving challenges, weakening judgment ability and a decrease in social abilities. Moreover, people might also face sudden mood shifts, a lack of involvement and disorientation.

The alcohol's toxic result on brain cells results in dementia caused by alcohol. Chronic drinking results in brain atrophy, impacting the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and learning ability. The absorption of vital nutrients, like thiamine, can also be affected by the persistent use of alcohol.


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