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Searching for Your Soulmate?

Chances are you have already met a few contenders...

In the attached article, "Gottman discovered that couples who focus their energy on building something meaningful together in their life (e.g., starting a business together) tend to last the longest. How a couple interacts is the single, most fundamental aspect to creating a successful relationship. Meaning, it’s not who you are or what you do that will prolong or help you find the perfect mate. It’s how you speak to each other, how well you get along, and how you move through time together... your partner should support your life dreams."

"They should look up to you, admire you, and respect you... having someone who genuinely believes in your greatness is paramount... a lot of the connection you feel with another person is emotional. Therefore you must be capable of responding to each other when you need something... Gottman said, 'Does your partner turn toward you with equal enthusiasm? You need to ask questions and constantly update your knowledge of one another.'”

"So next time you spot someone who catches your attention and makes your pupils dilate with interest and enthusiasm, pay attention to whether or not they can see the dream you envisioned for your life. If they can share in your delight and can accept you for who you are today, not for who you can be tomorrow, then you have found your “soulmate."

(Click photo for full article)

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