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Unreported Domestic Abuse Turns Fatal

Most Domestic Violence is UNREPORTED:

“The authorities say they found no complaints filed against Mr. Manvailer before the episode in the southern Brazilian town of Guarapuava.”

THIS is happening to people you know, maybe to you. Call the police, make a report, keep evidence, and never tell an abused person they were not abused because they did not report it.

They may have been afraid, unprepared, “staying for the children,” destroyed emotionally, and completely lost.

Pay attention.

If someone recoils, stops showing up for events, is repulsed by their partner, etc., they may be experiencing domestic violence. It is not easy to attend events with bruises to explain away or anger that you cannot hide toward your abuser.

You do not have to “get involved” just call the police—you must call to help when you hear screaming before this happens to someone you know.

IF this video represents your relationship, get help immediately.

The Domestic Violence Hotline:

"Domestic Abuse, Showl Blow by Blow, Shocks Brazil" - NY Times

(click the photo below for the full article)

The National Domestic Violence Hotline:

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