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38 Ways to Show Up in Your Relationship

"Do you show up in your relationships? Are you really, truly there for your partner, with full presence and commitment? Or do you show up simply by being physically available?

If so, you may think you are "there" for your partner, though you're missing in spirit. Odds are, you’re giving the relationship as much as you have time and energy for, but are treating your relationship as another “to-do” item in your life. Or maybe you’re just there because you don’t want to be alone.

Regardless of the reason behind your emotional unavailability, you’ve failed to show up authentically, and your relationships have likely been short-lived and unfulfilling as a result.

Here's the good news: if you’re truly looking to be in a committed and satisfying relationship, you can do better. Here are 38 ways to show up authentically and with full presence in your next relationship."

(click photo for the 38 ways)

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