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Is a Sociopath Using Your Religion or Spirituality to Seduce You?

If you meet a sociopath and you are either a) strong in your religious faith or b) grieving, the sociopath will quickly learn this about you. The sociopath will then use all that they have learned about you in assessment stage, to target you, and... seduce you.

The sociopath might have no connection at all with religious beliefs. But they are intelligent, and smart, and the sociopath will become exactly what you are looking for, and what you need. The sociopath will ‘groom’ you to believe that they are someone who:

  • Shares the same religious values

  • If the person is grieving, they see someone who will share and support them through grief, someone who understands, who can be trusted

This is an easy target for the sociopath, and it is also very effective. To abuse you by mirroring your needs for your faith, the sociopath finds someone who will immediately allow him into their ‘inner core’, this establishes a much deeper attachment and connection, than could ever be achieved simply by mirroring.

The victim will receive the following messages:

  • This person is just like me

  • This person has ‘good’ values

  • This is a person who is dictated by God

  • This person wouldn’t do something to hurt me, because it would be against their religious beliefs

  • This is a GOOD person

This will lure you into a false sense of security, not only will it move the relationship forward quicker than than you otherwise would, it will lead you to believe that this relationship is special, there is a special connection, a spiritual connection, and this would lead you open up more than your heart, soul, and truly believe that this is magical. You would be left with the impression that this is a soul mate connection that you have waited for all of your life.

If the person has came into your life when you are grieving, it will create a bonding triangle between your loved one who died, yourself and the sociopath. Making it very difficult to leave the relationship (and the sociopath will play on this).

Even after devalue and discard, the victim can be left feeling as if not only their heart and mind has been attacked, but also that their soul. The pain that is felt, is not only pain in the heart, and mind, but also in the soul.

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