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What are the 5 Erotic Blueprints?

What Is an Erotic Blueprint, Exactly?

"The Erotic Blueprint is a theory that Jaiya has developed over her 20 years of working with couples hoping to better understand themselves and their partners so they can have more fulfilling sex lives.

The theory is that everyone has an erotic language and that knowing your Erotic Blueprint can help 'empower you to better communicate your needs when it comes to intimacy and sex,' according to the Erotic Blueprint site. If you know your Erotic Blueprint as well as your partner's, you can harness deeper compassion for each other, better understand what you both need for satisfying sex, and learn why you both behave the way you do during sex...

In addition to understanding what arouses you most, each Erotic Blueprint Type also has 'shadow aspects — which may be putting the brakes on your turn on,' according to the Erotic Blueprint site. Meaning, your type can also shed light on what might majorly turn you off. (It's worth noting that this 'brakes' analogy is legit, and also used by other sex experts such as Emily Nagoski.)

For example, in a video on her YouTube channel, Jaiya and her partner, Ian Ferguson, give an example of how Erotic Blueprints might shed light on a situation IRL: 'Now I understand why he's getting up to go change the music in the middle of sex, which drives my blueprint crazy,' says Jaiya.

Everyone has a primary one of five Erotic Blueprints, according to the theory:

  • Energetic: This type enjoys the chase and anticipation that comes with sex. They're aroused by both teasing and being teased and enjoying the energy that comes from playing a sort of game before getting into the physical act of sex.

  • Sensual: True to the definition of the word 'sensual,' this type wants their senses 'ignited,' as Ferguson explains in the video. They're all about candles, atmosphere, and anything that brings an intense level of sensuality to the equation.

  • Sexual: Those who are sexual types simply love sex. Like, a lot. They don't just love sex, in all its form, from penetration, to masturbation, to oral, and everything in between, but as Jaiya says in the video, 'They can get upset if they're not getting enough sex — if they're not getting enough orgasm.'

  • Kinky: The kinky type is, well, kinky— it's generally someone who isturned on by anything taboo. The arousal factor can be more psychological, or about the power dynamics involved. Of course, what one sees as kinky varies from person to person.

  • Shapeshifter: The shapeshifter type is basically the whole enchilada. It's this type who's sexually aroused by all the above, making them the easiest to please and understand because they're basically a grab bag of turn-ons.

If you feel like several of these resonate, rest assured: You are not just one type, but rather 'a delicious mix of all five,' with one that emerges as your primary, according to the site. 'Your pathway to sexual satisfaction is ultimately a blend of how your body and mind relate to the turn-ons of ALL 5 Erotic Blueprint Types.'"

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